Jen Black Designs products are handmade and created from the highest quality Brazilian hides. Each piece is carefully inspected and cut incorporating the beautiful natural color from the hides. 

The handles are Amish made horse bridle reins adding quality and longevity, as well as a classic chic look. 

The interior lining fabrics are matched to complement the colors and patterns of the hides. The artistic eye of the designer determines the WOW factor and POP,  

creating a handbag any woman would be proud to carry. 

The exterior bottoms are solid chrome leather and "feet" are added to extend the life to your favorite bag. 

All Jen Black Designs products are personally branded with a real branding iron with her logo. 

Made in America 

Made in Vermont 


Pleae note: 

No animals died for their hides.  

All hides are by-product of food industry. The "hair-on" hide is a special process that allows the hair to stay intact.  

Knowing this, with excessive use and/or rubbing, the natural consequence will result in the hair falling out. This can be avoided when taken special care of your favorite bag.  

Returns for repair due to failure of construction are granted for up to 6 months from purchase date.  

Returns are not granted due to hair falling out. The hides have been processed to withstand wear, but because it's a natural product, excessive wear and rubbing eventually will lead to hair loss.  

Shipping & handling with insurance apply.